The tools you need as a Wi-Fi solution provider

Posted by Agathe Guibé on Oct 12, 2016 4:36:17 PM

As a Wi-Fi solution provider, you need multiple tools to manage in the best way your Wi-Fi networks, the accounts of your customers, the data collected from the Wi-Fi users and the possible troubleshoots.
You can find below a list of tools that you should have to manage your Wi-Fi solutions. 

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Linksys EA9500 Max-stream™ AC5400 Wi-Fi router

Posted by Nino Gabisonia on Oct 11, 2016 5:49:10 PM

Max-stream AC5400 is a tri-band home office and entertainment Wi-Fi router providing a fast and secure internet connection for users.

Linksys’s Max-stream AC5400 is an incredibly powerful router for your always-online household. The router is equipped with the latest technical specs including MU-MIMO technology, which enables users to stream and play simultaneously on multiple devices; 8 Gigabit ports; 8 external antennas for expanded range and Wi-Fi speed up to 5.3 Gbps. In distinction to traditional routers, Max-stream AC5400 includes the Next-Gen AC technology that is can serve 8 devices at once. Moreover, the router’s four streams of data (4X4 AC) provides faster performance when gaming and streaming.

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5 good reasons to choose Tanaza

Posted by Agathe Guibé on Oct 6, 2016 12:14:11 PM

Find out 5 good reasons to choose Tanaza to manage your Wi-Fi networks. Tanaza is a cloud based software to manage easily and remotely all your Wi-Fi networks. Multi-vendor, Tanaza allows you to manage all your networks from one place at any time of the day.  

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Getting to know your Wi-Fi clients!

Posted by Lina Diaz on Oct 5, 2016 11:34:14 AM

The first step to learning more about your customers is understanding the activities of your clients while at your location using your Wi-Fi connection.

Thanks to Wi-Fi enabled services, businesses can now collect extensive customer data. While some analytics technologies enable usinesses to track customers’ movements within a location to better understand the shopper's mood and behavior, others provide services that enable businesses to collect and analyze Wi-Fi client data, and use it for marketing related purposes.

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Emotions tracking through Wi-Fi

Posted by Valeria Magoni on Sep 26, 2016 12:07:36 PM

An international group of researchers at the MIT's CSAIL lab (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab) has recently built a system that tracks emotions using Wi-Fi. 

This system is called EQ-Radio (Emotion Recognition using Wireless Signals) and uses a wireless router to transmit a signal, which reflects off a person's body and bounces back. The device is able to identify not only the body, but also any significant variations in breathing and heartbeat (with an average error of only 3.2 milliseconds). Then, the machine learning algorythms analyze facial expressions, language and voice tone to identify basic emotions like joy, anger, happiness and sadness.

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Splash Page Configuration: Wi-Fi for retail

Posted by Lina Diaz on Sep 23, 2016 12:06:55 PM

One of the greatest things about public Wi-Fi is that by properly configuring your splash page you can collect user information, show ads and deliver email marketing campaigns to your target users.

Software like Tanaza make connecting to its Wi-Fi network super easy with its personalizable, multi-language, responsive built-in splash page. Through this Wi-Fi authentication page, Wi-Fi users in your retail business can login to your network via social media or other authentication flows, including vouchers or fidelity cards numbers.

To make the authentication process as smooth as possible there are only a few things to consider when configuring your splash page:

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7 blog posts about Wi-Fi you should read!

Posted by Agathe Guibé on Sep 23, 2016 11:38:03 AM

2016 has been a innovative year for the Wireless industry, and this is only the beginning as the market is expected to thrive and the investment in Wi-Fi equipment is likely to triple by 2017. 


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Network Configuration: Wi-Fi for retail

Posted by Lina Diaz on Sep 22, 2016 10:10:27 AM

To deploy a successful public wi-fi network in the retail industry, it is as simple as configuring your deployment to best fit your network’s designated area.

Below is a short list of WLAN and AP configurations tips that may help your retail deployment run smoothly from the get-go: 

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TOP 30 influencers in the Wi-Fi industry

Posted by Agathe Guibé on Sep 21, 2016 12:26:40 PM

Here is Tanaza's list of the top influencers in the Wi-Fi industry, those you should follow if you want to find out about the last trends, innovations, forecasts in the industry. CEOs, founders, journalists, marketing specialists, freelancers... these are some of the Wi-Fi gurus influencing the Wi-Fi market.  

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Home Wi-Fi routers double as a public hotspot

Posted by Agathe Guibé on Sep 21, 2016 11:47:07 AM

A recent report announces that 1 out of every 3 home Wi-Fi routers will be used also as a public hotspot by 2017.

Turning home routers into public hotspots is the new trend in the telecommunication market. Operators start using their clients' personal home routers as the hardware infrastructure for their own public Wi-Fi hotspots. The home router becomes a “homespot”, which means that it is used by the operator as an access point to broadcast a public Wi-Fi SSID.

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